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I’m someone who discovered that I’m an artist by accident and ever since then art has changed my life.

My art journey started when I was 17 years old when  I was faced with taking an elective class in high school and I chose art.

Until the age of 17, I had no idea that I was an artist. Art was something that I did in school, not at home and this changed when I realized that creating artwork was something that I enjoyed and was passionate about.

Art changed my life, for the better, because up until age 17 I was intent on going to college to study landscape architecture and if I didn’t know that I was an artist, I probably graduated high school and gone to college with the goal of becoming a landscape architect.

Art Changed My Life

After learning that I was an artist, I embraced my art and have been creating ever since.

It’s been a bumpy ride over the years because I’ve never been a full time artist, I create my artwork, after work, at night, on weekends or whenever I have free time.

As I’ve gotten older, life has also gotten busier and now I’m married, have three children, a business, bills and responsibilities and things to do but I still create art.

My hope with this website is that you will see the passion in my work, buy a painting or two and follow me on my artistic journey as I’m starting to move forward with selling my work for the first time.

Most important to me is that you will get inspired by my artistic journey and will want to follow your dreams too.

Dreams are things that never go away and even though you may be a little older (like me), your dreams are still there waiting for you to start working on living the life of your dreams again.

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