About My Art

Thanks again for your interest in my art.

At the time of this writing, I’m 47 years old and have been an artist for more than half of my life.

Discovering my art was a complete surprise because growing up I wanted to be a landscape architect and art was the last thing that I was thinking about.

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Since those early days discovering art, my passion for creating new work hasn’t diminished at all, it’s only gotten stronger as I get older and it becomes more important to me with each passing year.

About My Art

My artwork is mix media since I use oil, acrylic, crayon, markers, pen & ink plus any supplies that are in my studio to create new artwork.

Some people have said that my work is a mix of modern, sometimes abstract and childlike, I say yes to all because it’s a hybrid of all of the styles and techniques that I’ve learned over the years since I believe that an artists style should always be changing and improving as they grow older.

Picasso was a great example of this because he didn’t stick with creating cubist paintings, he was constantly changing his style and growing even to the day that he died.

I’m constantly inspired by great artists of the great wildlife artists of the past and master of modern art including Picasso.

I gain inspiration from the world around me especially work from other artists, graphic design, movies, video games and street art.

Regardless if you’re a collector or fellow artist, I invite you to connect with me either on Facebook, by following my blog or emailing me so that we can talk about art.

Inquiries about my art are always appreciated and I also enjoy working on commission work as well so if you’re interested in having a painting created from photos that you took of elephants in Africa, or you would like a painting of your beloved family dog, contact me today and lets chat by clicking here!