Don’t Make The Mistake Of Confusing Busy Work With Progress

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Confusing Busy Work With Progress

As an entrepreneur, artist, and writer, I’ve had to condition myself over the years to make progress when it comes to achieving my personal and professional goals.

One big thing that I’ve learned is the importance of not mistaking busy work with progress.

What do I mean by this?

I can stay busy cleaning my study all day, running errands, working outside in my garden, or hanging out with my family, but doing all of these things won’t help me to accomplish my goals.

Many people have told me over the years that they are going to get started doing what they need to do after they’ve done X, Y, or Z. The reality is that they almost always focus on the aspect of staying busy, and never accomplish the thing that they want to do.


I have to clean the kitchen, before I start cooking.

I have to organize my desk, before I can start writing.

I have to clean my studio, before I can start painting.

Necessary? Yes, in some cases work may be necessary before you can start creating but don’t lose sight on the creative goal/action that you want to accomplish.

Analyze The Progress

If you analyze your progress for the day and realize that your creative project is still at the same place that it was when your day began, you’ve not made much progress, and you should focus on getting to work before your day is over.

When all is said and done, if you can look back at your day and analyze your progress in the form of a new song written or recorded, a painting finished, or another chapter in your book completed, you’ve made progress that day.

Yes, it can be difficult to make progress with your creative pursuits, especially when you also have another job, family, and obligations (like I do) but the most important thing is to take measurable strides towards the accomplishment of your goal and not get distracted by the busy work in your life.

Don’t Forget To Delegate

In today’s busy world, as the busy work can easily pile up, one important thing that every creative person should do is delegate the day-to-day busy work to other people, instead of getting wrapped up in all of the mundane tasks of life themselves.

Delegating can be difficult for some people, but the reality is that it’s necessary because when creative people delegate, we free ourselves up for being able to spend more time producing our art, and that’s what matters in life.

Don’t like the idea of delegating? Sometimes it takes time to make the switch from doing everything yourself, to working with a team. Start by hiring someone on Fiverr to help you with common tasks, then switch to hiring companies in your area for gardening, house cleaning, laundry and you will be amazed at how much more free time you will have to create.

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