In Appreciation Of The Matrix – 22 Years Later And Still A Great Movie

In Appreciation Of The Matrix – 22 Years Later And Still A Great Movie

It was 1999 and I was a 20 something guy who had a couple of hours to kill one sunny afternoon so I decided to go see The Matrix, the latest Keanu Reeves movie.

Keanu was one of my favorite movie stars at the time, and still is, thanks to his work in movies like Point Break, and Speed, so I decided to go see what The Matrix was all about.

The Matrix, in case you don’t know, is about a guy who feels like reality isn’t what he thinks it is, and after an eye-opening experience, his life changes forever.

Feel Like I Could Fly

Walking out of the theater that day, I felt like millions of other people, that I could fly, thanks to the mind-bending concepts that were explored in the movie.

I don’t believe that we live in a simulation (Elon Musk) controlled by robots, but I do believe that we create our own lives through our thoughts, and the Matrix was a confirmation of what I already felt about life at the time.

After the movie finished, I felt like I could almost fly, (like Neo at the end of the Matrix), and I used this newfound passion to start a business and embark on a creative adventure that would change my life.

Following the success of the Matrix, two more films were released in the trilogy. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix revolutions, both released in 2003 to great success, but for me, it felt like something was missing in those two movies.

What was missing was the originality of the first movie because in the 2nd and 3rd films, the storyline drifted into a man vs robot story, and even though those films were popular, they didn’t do the story justice, in my opinion.

The Matrix Resurrection

Today, the trailer for the new Matrix movie was posted to YouTube, it’s titled The Matrix Resurrection. This movie stars Keanu and Carrie Anne Moss as before, only this time when the movie starts, they seemingly don’t know each other.

Once Neo and Trinity ‘wake up’, they resume their romance together and it looks like this movie does spend more time showcasing battles with Neo on earth, rather than inside the Matrix as Neo and Trinity fight the sentinel robots.

I’m excited about this movie and can’t wait until December when it’s going to be in the theaters and on HBO Max. I hope that it will reintroduce the characters from the original trilogy and take them in a new direction that’s fresh and exciting to watch.

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